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Danville Busses Dropping Students Off Late for School


Danville, VA - Danville Public Schools are finishing up their second week, but some say buses have not yet gotten back into the swing of things.

For George Washington High School, many buses are regularly running late, which means the students are late for class.

Some of the busses have ranged from 7 minutes late to nearly an hour each day. Parents are just wondering what they can do to fix the problem. Some have even considered getting a tutor to make up what they are missing in first period.

Every morning before 10th Grader Jeremy Nunn gets on the school bus to G-W, he waits.

"It's just kind of part of the day today," said Nunn. 

Nunn says simply taking the bus has forced him to be tardy every single day, even up to 45 minutes late to Algebra II.

The bus got to his stop at 8:25 a.m. Friday. That's already starting out the day 10 minutes late. And like every other day this school year, they arrived to school late, getting to G.W. at 8:47. But school starts at 8:40 a.m.

"I walk in, and I know I've missed about half the class and I'm just like I missed what I missed and so I may as well try to make it up," said Nunn. 

So far, Nunn has been able to catch up but knows it won't last forever.

"If I don't know the material and I come in to take a test and I haven't been exposed to any of the learning, how am I supposed to take a test and pass it if I don't know it?" said Nunn.

"I think we are doing all that we can do on our part. They need to step up and do their part," said Kimberly Pennington, Jeremy's mother.

Superintendent Sue Davis says road work, school closures and bus consolidation with more kids per bus and new routes is leading to the delays. They are continuing to work on the problem.

"The schedule is going to be very very close to what we advertised, soon. I think they have shaved off a few minutes every day on the routes," said Davis. 

Davis says they could even be back to a normal bus schedule as early as next week. But they are not going to change the start time for schools this year. For those students who rely on breakfast at school, they can get it whenever they arrive.

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