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Locals Reaching Out to Storm Victims


Lynchburg, VA - Even though we're several states away from the storm, people with loved ones on the Gulf Coast are praying as Isaac sits over New Orleans.

Isaac made landfall overnight as a hurricane and Wednesday afternoon was downgraded to a tropical storm. But it's still pounding the Gulf Coast on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Here at home, Reverend Larry Davies was calling and clicking on his keyboard trying to reach friends in one of the hardest hit areas: Mississippi.

He says the hardest part is waiting to hear a response, waiting to know what the damage is and waiting for the storm to be over.

"We're just so worried that these folks who went through so much are going to have to go through it again," said Davies.

Davies made lifelong friends while helping hundreds through the devastation of Katrina. One of those friends is Jeanine Lowry whose house was rebuilt and is now sitting in the line of Isaac.

"Because the storm is coming on the anniversary…the exact day that Katrina destroyed her other house, she is scared because she is reliving everything that happened during Katrina all over again," he said.

Through email he reached out to his friend Pastor David Cumbest who helped during Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

"Everything we're hearing is that they are in better shape now, the dikes are better," said Davies.

It's why so many people like former Lynchburg resident L'Tanya Isabelle now in New Orleans decided to hunker down and wait it out.

"It's not like I'm not afraid and I don't think anything bad could happen. But, I never had the feeling I had to evacuate," said Isabelle in a phone interview.

Luckily, she still has power and is staying positive as she rides out this storm.

"We've been watching movies, and having beverages, and just watching the wind," she said.

Gleaning for the World set up a collection site Wednesday at the Sam's Club on Wards Road.


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