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Danville Sheriff's Department Gets Tasers


Danville, VA -- Deputies with the Danville Sheriff's Department have a new option when faced with a challenge on the job. They've received dozens of new tasers.

The Sheriff's Department recently received 30 tasers that were issued from the Danville Police Department. Before now, when the officers were in a combative situation they had to use a spray, which they say didn't always work.

Now they have another non-lethal option. The tasers shoot up to 15 feet and can help in certain scenarios. For example, if there is a fight between prisoners, deputies can use a taser to break up the fight and make the situation safer. Or if they are on the streets and serving papers and a fight starts, this can be a useful tool.

So far they have not had to use the tasers because the threat of a taser has stopped the situation.

"Nine times out of 10 if a prisoner sees a taser they are more than likely to cooperate because no one wants to get hit with that. So versus the spray, if the spray works, it's just not nearly as effective as the taser," said Major Matthew Wyatt, with the Danville Sheriff's Department.

Right now, only two officers are certified, but in the next three months, they hope to have everyone able to use them.

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