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Virginia Democratic Delegates Prepare for Convention


Lynchburg, VA- Now that the Republican National Convention has wrapped up, some local delegates are looking forward to next week's Democratic National Convention. A lot of delegates are veterans at the convention, but some are first timers.

Jeff Rosner just found out a couple weeks ago that he'll be one of Virginia's Sixth District Delegates. It came as quite a surprise to him. He's replacing another delegate that dropped out.

Now he's trying to get everything together as fast as he can. He's got all of his credentials in order, is up to speed on the latest schedules, and has his suitcase laid out, ready to fill.

Rosner says he is very excited for the convention, but doesn't forget what it's really about.

"This election is not just about a choice between two candidates. I think it's a choice between two visions for the country, and two concepts of reality," said Rosner.

Rosner did tune in to the Republican National Convention to see GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's speech. He says it only cemented his faith in President Obama.

"He embraces a different vision and a different reality. One that um, encourages, aides the private sector but at the same time recognized that there is a role for government," said Rosner.

Rosner says he's hoping President Obama's speech at the DNC will show that he's ready to take on the Republicans, "full blast."

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