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Parade Attracts Political Power Houses


Buena Vista, VA - The Buena Vista Labor Day parade attracts everyone who is anyone in Virginia politics.

Even the mayor announced to the parade audience, that "if you're a candidate, and you're not in Buena Vista on Labor Day, well you probably won't win the election."

It's a parade that begins like any other, but it's the main attraction that draws the crowds.

"It's really neat that everybody comes to Buena Vista, being that Buena Vista is as small as it is. But it's just tradition," said one onlooker.

It's a tradition that turns this small town into the big stage for Virginia's political power houses.

"This is a day the American economy's been the biggest in the world since the 1890s, and it's largely because of the American worker, productive and good work ethic, and we just need to keep that strong," said Tim Kaine, the Democratic candidate for senate.

"It'll be these next 60 days that will determine how the outcome is, so Labor Day, and this event gets everyone fired up and ready to go," said George Allen, the Republican candidate for senate.

Even Presidential hopeful Virgil Goode made an appearance.

"It's Labor Day. We need to recognize those who have worked hard for our nation and for this community and for Virginians. So it's an honor to be here," said Goode.

The political procession culminates in a symphony of speeches.

"Good Morning Buena Vista!" said Senator Mark Warner to the crowd.

One candidate after another addresses the audience, mindful that though the campaigns have started, Buena Vista is truly the beginning.

The parade is a Buena Vista town tradition dating back to the 60s, celebrating the workers that built Glen Maury Park. Local leaders decided to invite state law makers, and the rest is history.

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