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Teen Suffers Head Trauma After Car Crash


Rustburg, VA - A Rustburg teen is fighting for her life at Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

Ashton Powell, 17, has already had two surgeries removing bone from her skull.

The accident happened last Thursday in Campbell County. Powell and a friend were driving along Gough Road when they say a car ran them off the road and kept going. The driver was okay, but Powell was flown to the hospital and has been there ever since.

"I looked over and she wasn't in the front seat, so then I looked back and I saw her slung out, half her body was up and the other was on the ground," said Shawna Collier, who was driving the car Powell was in when the accident happened.

Collier is sore and shaken up from the accident. She says another car came into her lane, she swerved and the car flipped three times.

"She didn't say a word. By that time her face was already swollen, her eyes were swollen shut. Her face was unrecognizable the first time I looked at her," said Collier.

Collier says at first, Powell was moving.

"She wiped her face off like this and just laid her head down," said Collier.

Powell was flown to Roanoke Memorial. Doctors told her family that the bones in her face were crushed and her skull cracked. She can move her body but is not talking.

"She won't respond to commands, she's not awake, she's not awake," said Alyssa Strickland, Powell's sister.

But friends and family are hopeful. Four benefits have already been planned to help with Powell's medical bills.

"It's going to be expensive for her family to eat and places to stay, and it's a long long battle and I'm not going to stop. I'm trying my hardest to stay positive," said Jeremy Dorr, a family friend.

State police have not confirmed that another vehicle was involved in this accident. They say neither of the girls was wearing seatbelts.

If you'd like to learn more about those upcoming benefits, click here.

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