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Woman Claims Camp Lejeune Made Her Sick


Lynchburg, VA - A local woman's connection to a story has gotten lots of national, even international attention.

It was 1981 when officials first said there could be a problem with the water at Camp Lejeune. They found a metal degreaser and a fuel compound in that water - the same water service members and their families used to cook, wash and drink.

Diana White now lives in Madison Heights, but she lived at Camp Lejeune as an infant and has fought for years to try to get her medical bills covered. Now, a new law is giving her hope.

In 2000, doctors diagnosed Diana White with Multiple Sclerosis. MS gives her pain in her hands, arms even eyes. No one in her family has MS, and she blames Camp Lejeune.

"It's disgusting because they destroyed me when I was still in my mom's womb. And they knew it," said White.

White's dad was a Marine. Her family lived on the base and drank the water.

"You bathed in it, you drank it, you washed in it," said White.

Later, officials learned VOCs - Volatile Organic Compounds - were in the water White and so many others used. VOCs include products like dry cleaning solvent.

A year ago, White started calling the feds to help pay her medical bills.

ABC 13 called as well, but we quickly hit a roadblock too.

The Department of the Navy says family of veterans can file a claim. But the claims are just piling up - ignored until further studies are done.

White is fed up.

"I've been fighting with them for a year," she said.

Still, with a brand new law there's hope. It's called Honoring America's Veterans and Caring for Camp Lejeune Families Act of 2012. It makes Veterans Affairs the payer of last resort. It's a glimmer of hope for White that her medical bills will stop piling up.

White says her medical bills have put her in $125,000 debt by the end of the year. She has insurance, but  she's holding out hope the new law and the VA can help.lick here to read the new law.

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