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Litter Cams in Henry Co. Catch Litter Bugs and More


Martinsville, VA - Litter bugs in Henry County should think twice before they toss their trash.

The sheriff's office has implemented the use of litter cams to catch people throwing trash where it doesn't belong.

"The Board of Supervisors was gracious enough to give it a shot and appropriated some money to buy 6 cameras to start with," said Henry County Deputy Michael Hooper.  

Officials say the cameras have been successful but not just for catching litter bugs. They've also caught drug dealers and thieves in action.

"That was the original purpose was just to catch littering...but also we have found other uses for the cameras also which have been working as another tool for our fight on crime," said Hooper.

With the cameras doing double duty, they are hoping to invest in more.

This is great news for folks like Jan Haas.

"I don't believe in throwing trash around. It's not good for the environment. It's not good for people who come in contact with it...if there's people that are deliberately throwing stuff down on the ground that's a good way to catch them," said Haas.

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