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Averett University Makes Big Changes


Danville, VA - For the third year in a row, Averett University has record enrollment. They brought in 360 new students this year, and with more students, the university has plans for more changes.

Averett plans to soon roll out their first comprehensive capital campaign. They are already in the process of raising money for four facility additions or renovations. They say this will help not only the students, but the whole community.

It's a project that's been in planning for more than a year, making major changes to a growing University.

"It is about our students. And it is about the people and programs and place that supports our students," said Tiffany Franks, the university president.

First, Averett plans to update Pritchett Auditorium. Hoping to start next summer, they want to build and expand a lobby and turn the building into a first class facility.

"We want to improve the experience for our students who are majors in the arts and we want to also reach out to the community," said Franks.

"It's more opportunities," said David Kelly, a first-year student.

Also in the works is creating a major football stadium, ideally for the 2014 season. It would include an 8 lane track, a locker room and a weight room.

"I'm actually really excited to see the stadium getting redone," said Jessie Gomes, a first-year student.

"Probably make it more meaningful, more memorable," said Kelly.

Averett also plans to move their tennis courts to the north campus, adding 10 courts side by side with other athletics. In addition, they will update the Grant Center to expand the athletic training area, which they say is vital since more than a third of students are involved with athletics.

"I think it will be a positive effect because it might get more students to come here," said Martin Erenstedt, a sophomore.

"This facility will help us bring people from literally all over the world to our campus so our students and our campus can work side by side with them," said Franks.

Also in this project, Averett plans to raise money for scholarships, technology, and strengthening academic programs. So far they've raised more than 12 million dollars. They plan to officially kick off the campaign next month.

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