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City Could Issue Its Own Trash Bags


Lynchburg, VA - Taking out the trash is pretty routine. But Lynchburg officials could change that routine soon. One hope is to cut down on trash violations. City staff have voiced their opinions, and Tuesday, the city council weighs in.

The big vote - how to charge for the extra trash that doesn't fit in the trash can. The city's policy now is to put a sticker on the bag. The new idea is a prepaid city-issued trash bags.

The Townsend household doesn't produce much trash. Most weeks, it all fits in one can. But every now and again, Ronnie Townsend's got more trash than the can holds.

"Sometimes, I have a couple people over and the trash gets enormously out of the way," said Ronnie Townsend.

Those weeks, the trash still has to go out. So Townsend gets a sticker and slaps it on the extra trash bags for the city to haul off. But if public works gets its way, the sticker will go extinct.

"Easier for collection purposes," said Owen.

The change: Public Works Director Dave Owen's proposing prepaid trash bags residents buy from the city. And for two reasons: One, a city bag is easier for trash collectors to spot and pickup. Two, a city bag would cut down on trash violations.

"Hopefully, reduce the number of enforcement actions the city has to take," said Owen.

Opinions are messy.

"I think it would be a great idea. I like it myself," said Townsend.

"Not for this at all," said Norman Brown.

Brown's got one worry: What happens to the private trash bag companies when the city gets in to the trash bag business?

"But the city's got to think of people who are also making these other bags," said Brown.

That question's still to be determined. Public Works officials say most people use trash carts alone and don't need the stickers.

City Council is expected to vote Tuesday.

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