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Cabin Lake Apartment Complex Coming Down


Danville, VA - An apartment building in Danville is getting torn down. Over the years, Cabin Lake Apartment Complex had a series of fires and utility issues leaving it vacant.

The city gave the owners the option of choosing between demolishing the building or having it be renovated earlier this year. The owners did not decide in time, so the city decided for them.

"Since the last fire, it's just been a big eyesore," said Betty Martin, a neighbor.

Over the last several years, Martin kept a close watch on her neighboring building. She saw the Cabin Lake Apartment Complex go from thriving to declining.

"I'm just glad the city is going to get rid of it," she said.

It's a feeling echoed by most neighbors.

"I think it should have been torn down years ago, but I know they had a lot of legal problems with it. I'm glad they are finally doing it," said Ken Robertson.

Since 2009, the city has been working towards a solution. Friday, crews started demolishing the building on Cherokee Court.

"We've been working towards this day to try to get it either repaired or removed because it is a nuisance and it is a blight in that neighborhood," said David Parrish, the deputy city manager.

City officials worried about safety since they say trespassing had become apparent.

"People can get in and commit a criminal activity. It also leaves itself open for arson," said Parrish.

Neighbors also expressed concern about their own property value.

"It brings the money that the other units are worth brings that down," said Robertson.

Some say the demolition is disheartening.

"Sad thing, I think. You know because someone could have lived there and I just hate to see it go," said Floyd Stephens, a neighbor.

But most everyone is just ready to see it go.

"I'm glad to see it coming down," said Martin.

The demolition is expected to be done in 60 days. The city still does not own the property, so it will be up to the owners to determine the future of that property for now.

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