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Apple Prices Up From Last Year


Monroe, VA - You might be paying more for apples because of an early blooming season and a frost.

It hit apple orchards hardest across the Northeast, so here in Virginia and points south, there's a huge demand for whatever crop survived the cold.

Scott Barnes has picked and packed apples at Morris Orchard all his life.

"They're misshapen, they may have a spot on them something like that," said Barnes.

They're called "juice" apples, bought in bulk by big companies who produce applesauce, cider and apple juice.

"We can actually take these apples and send them away for double the price they were last year

Barnes says that's because 50% to 80% of the crop died east of the Mississippi.

"Michigan for example is a big apple growing state, and they've got 10% of their crop this year," said Barnes.

So there's a big demand. Barnes says juice apples have gone up in price 200% since last year.

"We typically ship out maybe 10% of our juice apples, the rest we use locally, to make our own local apple cider," said Barnes.

You can expect to pay more for that too. At Morris, one gallon is going for about $8 , even higher than last year.

"We're doing everything we can to hold the price down but still our cider, what we retail and what we wholesale has gone up by 20 to 25%," said Barnes.

For Alison Dahnhert, a mother and daycare worker, every little bit adds up.

"Working at a daycare and having a two-year-old we're buying a lot of apples juice and apple and apple sauce and I've noticed over the past few weeks prices have gone up," said Dahnhert.

If you do decide to shop at the grocery store, be ready. Barnes says the price for everything from apple sauce to juice is up. You'll be paying $1-$2 more for every bushel of apples. If you're looking for that fall cider, Barnes says you might pay double. 


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