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Man Steals Money From Collection Jar for Sick Kids


Campbell Co., VA - Campbell County investigators are looking for a man they say stole money out of the collection jar for the Children's Miracle Network.

It happened at the Food Lion on Timberlake Road Monday. 

Investigators say the man was caught on video that shows him walking to the service desk inside the grocery store and asking for change. After the clerk stepped away, he put a handful of money in his pocket.

"Any theft is an upsetting crime to me anyway because the majority of people, if you ask for help, they'll give it to you," said Senior Investigator Mike Milnor.

Milnor says the thief took about $30, but it is not the amount that is so upsetting.

"There's just something about stealing from a fund for sick children that ranks up there with robbing a church. I know personally, it angers me more than the average theft and I think the general person would feel the same way," Milnor said.

The same is true for Bif Johnson whose child benefits from collections jars.

"All of the families in this area benefit from that money," Johnson said.

His son Britton benefits from MDA collections, not Children's Miracle Network, but feels deep compassion for this situation.

"People who really don't have a lot of extra money nowadays are putting that extra money into a jar to help other families and then when that money is taken away, it takes away the opportunity that that money was meant for to help other people," Johnson said.

Children's Miracle Network Director, Jack Whisler released a statement:

"We hope that the community will be able to find and turn in this individual because he was really taking something away from the children of our local area."

Investigators are looking for a middle aged white man with facial hair who is heavily tattooed. If you have any information about this crime, call the Campbell County Sheriff's Office at: 434-592-9580.

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