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Three Cell Phone Users, Three Views on New iPhone 5


Lynchburg, VA - Preorders are rolling in for the new iPhone 5. AT&T says it hit a sales record with the sleek new phone on Monday.

AT&T says customers ordered more iPhones from AT&T than any earlier model. That includes the first day of preorders and this weekend.

We wanted to know what phone users think of Apple's newest product.

Meet three different cell phone customers: Lisa Revely - a brand new iPhone user; Paul McLinden - an Android customer, but fan of the Apple brand; and Pierre Mortemousque - a loyal iPhone user looking to get his hands on the newest cell phone.

"I bought two - one for me, one for my son," said Mortemousque.

Mortemousque one of many customers preordering the iPhone 5. AT&T has not released how many customers are on the waiting list. But, they aren't shy about its features - thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4, the 5 has a 4-inch screen and longer battery life.

"I wouldn't say I'm going to go camp outside the store, but if it's convenient and I can preorder it. Just because you only live once, and why not try the new things," said Mortemousque.

"What else could they add to it?" said Lisa Revely.

Revely says you'll never find her camping for a cell phone either. Her daughter is the reason for her Apple.

"Well, my daughter, she's decided to get my an iPhone. So I'm learning, so she's been getting a lot of questions, texts, and phone calls to figure out how to work it," she said.

"For now, I'm happy with the Android, so I'll probably just stick with it," said Paul McLinden, an Android user.

McLinden likes Apple but buys Android. The Android touch keypad is a selling point for him.

"It's another phone. I mean, it is a phenomenon, but it's the fifth one," said McLinden.

AT&T says it will get the iPhone Friday shipments Friday morning. We also stopped by the Sprint store. Employees there tell us Apple's pretty hush-hush before its phones are released.

Learn more about the new iPhone 5.

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