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Yeardley Love's Family Speaks About Loss, Awareness


For the first time since Yeardley Love's death in 2010, her family is opening up about their loss.

Yeardley was the UVA lacrosse player killed by her ex-boyfriend, George Huguely. In an exclusive interview with Katie Couric, Sharon and Lexi Love spoke about losing their beloved daughter and sister.

They say a day doesn't go by without them thinking about Yeardley and the terrible way she died. And one way they are coping, is to do what they can to keep it from happening to another family.

"She just always had so much energy. And she was always on top of everything she did," said Lexi Love, Yeardley's Sister.

"So vivacious, and so happy," said Sharon Love, Yeardley's Mother.

Sharon Love says the thought of her daughter being abused by a boyfriend had never crossed her mind.

"I guess I just didn't believe it for quite a while, after I heard," said Sharon.

So when police showed up at her door, delivering the news Yeardley was dead, she didn't understand.

"Violence to us was foreign. It never existed in our home so it wasn't on our radar at all. It just, we never thought it was possible," said Sharon.

Then at the start of George Huguely's trial, it dawned on Sharon, just how many people domestic violence actually affects.

They were picking the jury for the trial, and one third of the people that were interviewed for the jury, had been touched by domestic violence," said Sharon Love.

After Huguely was sentenced to 23 years in prison, Sharon and Lexi felt like justice had been served. They felt some relief.

"I'm satisfied with the verdict, because I think everybody took their job seriously and did it well," said Sharon.

But the Loves weren't completely satisfied. So they started the One Love Foundation to spread awareness.

"We wanted to honor Yeardley's memory and we wanted to make sure that this never happens again. I know it will but our goal is to stop it," said Sharon.

You can learn more about the One Love Foundation by clicking here.

For warning signs of domestic violence click here.

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