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Reaction to Candidates' Last Debate Monday


Lynchburg, VA - So much talk Tuesday about Monday's presidential debate. Who won, who lost, what was left out. It was the candidates' final debate before Election Day.

According to one political expert, the debate ignored much of the world. The focus instead: China, Iran and terrorism. This debate was important, but many say the economy matters more than foreign affairs in this election, even for the undecided voter.

Sylvia Henderson really is an undecided voter only 14 days before the election.

"I'm on the fencepost right now," said Henderson.

Debate three on foreign affairs didn't push Henderson toward either candidate. For her, Mitt Romney held is own, but President Obama knew his stuff too.

"I think he knows pretty much how to take care of things on the other side of the world," said Henderson.

The hot button topics were Chinese trade, Iran's nuclear program and global terrorism. And according to one political expert, on these issues a President Romney wouldn't look all that different from President Obama.

"He said it later, he said it in different words, but I think he would essentially use the same approach as the Obama administration," said Jennifer Dugan, a political science professor at Randolph College.

Haden Laughlin heard a lot of agreement on foreign affairs too. But with the economy, these are two different candidates.

"I think the economy's the number one thing. Me, as a builder, it's been tough not only the last four years, the last six years," said Laughlin.

The debates are over. Polls show the first goes to Romney, the second a tie, and this one to the President. Now, the final decision goes to those who are undecided like Henderson.

"When are you going to decide? Are you giving yourself a deadline?" we asked.

"I'll know by the time I get to the polls," said Henderson, laughing.

The President and Governor Romney both agreed on the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The veterans we talked with Tuesday were happy to hear the war is winding down.

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