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AARP Offers A Diet Plan

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Forget all those new years resolutions.

Now that the Super Bowl is over, all the feasting and junk food can take a back seat.

it's time to get down to business and pay attention to what we eat.

In keeping with that theme, The American Association of Retired People and The National Institutes of Health are taking a position.

We spoke to an expert who says it's back to the basics.

Dr. John Whyte says, "It's important to eat more fish, more fruits, more vegetables, more low fat dairy, more nuts and more whole grains."

Whyte says the AARP New American Diet suggests that you exclude processed meats, refined sugars, saturated fats.

He says if we make those changes in our diets, we'll lose weight and live longer.

The plan suggests that we avoid foods such as white rice, white bread and fruit juices.

Whyte also warns that drinking diet soda doesn't make you thin.

That's because artificial sweeteners are as much a 10-times sweeter than sugar.

So our bodies expect sugar and when that doesn't come we crave sweets.

On the flip side Whyte says fresh-brewed coffee is beneficial.

That's because it contains powerful antioxidants.

Research shows that coffee also helps to control hunger and makes us more likely to be active.

But Whyte says he's not talking about a mocha or latte drink, with hundreds of extra calories.

The diet plan is widely available in book form.

The doctor says people often lose 2 to 3 pound a week when they get started.

However, he emphasizes it's not a temporary thing.

It's intended to be a way of eating for life.

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