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Tulsa's Congressman Expects Automatic Budget Cuts

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Unless there's a deal between Congress and the president, massive-federal spending cuts will hit the nation on Friday.

They will slash $85-billion from the budget in a painful fashion.

While each side is blaming the other, for the deadlock, the nation's financial issues aren't being addressed.

Tulsa's new congressman says the cuts will badly hurt Oklahoma, because much of the slashing will hit the military.

Unfortunately, he's not optimistic that an agreement will be reached.

Jim Bridenstine says the Republicans agreed to new taxes two months ago.

So many members of the GOP have no plans to go any further.

He blames the stalemate on President Obama for insisting that the federal budget crisis be resolved with more revenue.

Bridestine says they can't keep offering more tax concessions until the president gets his way.

He adds that this year the United States will have more revenue than any other time in history, so income isn't the problem.

Bridenstine also warns that Mr. Obama wants to increase the taxes on the commercial aviation business.

He says that would have a huge impact on jobs in this state.

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