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Shriners Circus Raises Funds to Help Kids

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Amongst all the spectacles at the circus, the elephants, the camels, the tigers at bay, one of the most mysterious, are the men in funny hats.

"I don't know a lot actually," said one attendee.

A reaction that isn't surprising given that the work they do is anything but self-centered.

"I know they do a lot to help area kids," said Alan Burton.

Give that man a cotton candy, cause he just summed up what the Shriners are about.

"What we do is for is the kids," said Morgan Bear, one of dozens of Shriners on hand to make sure the groups largest fundraiser of the year goes off without a hitch, all while doing without earning a dime.

"Being part of a volunteer organization though, makes it worthwhile, because when you know that everybody beside you is a volunteer as well, it makes a difference.," he said.

Nationwide the Shriners have helped over 650,000 children since 1922, with the local chapter transporting 1,000 children to surrounding to Shrine hospitals.

"The money that we raise here goes to support our local Shriner center, which in turn is filtered down to help the kids," he said.

Kids who can one day be just as healthy as the ones in the audience, and just as focused on the important things in life.

"What are you going to ride next? Camel. The camel," said one father and son.

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