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Preparing for a Disaster


Lynchburg, VA - It's a terrifying scenario; a tornado tearing through town, you and your family directly in its path of destruction.

We looked at the ways to prepare and most importantly, how do you survive?

Having a plan for things like this can save your life.

Natural disasters like the tornado that tore through Oklahoma, are rare. So hope for the best, and always prepare for the worst.

Anything that can do what Monday's EF-5 tornado did in Oklahoma is something you need to prepare for.

"Everyone should be prepared for a disaster" said Beverly Gaydas, the Disaster Services Manager for the American Red Cross.

"In this tornado, you need to be able to go down into a safe room, into a basement, into an inner part of your home where there's no windows" she said.

She says once you're isolated, cover yourself with a mattress. That can protect you from debris.

"If you're in a mobile home, get out of the mobile home that is the worst place to be" said Gaydas.

No mobile homes and no cars. If you're driving find a ditch to crawl in on the side of the road.

"Before the storm comes, scope it out, have a preparedness, where am I going to go if a tornado comes?" she said.

And always says Gaydas, have an emergency kit on hand.

"Batteries, a flashlight, your NOAA radio" Gaydas said, should all be included.

And just to see how much this would all cost, we decided to build a kit of our own.

A flashlight, batteries, toilet paper, bandages, duct tape, and bottled water were all included.

With a grand total of $22.94, we were able to get all the emergency kit essentials for under $25. And the best part? Almost all of it is going to be tax free this weekend."

This weekend is a tax free holiday for emergency preparedness products here in Virginia.

To get you started on your own emergency kit, visit Virginia's tax free holiday website to see a list of tax exempt products.

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