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Three Ideas for Tulsa...and a Dog Fart

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Whoever it is that ends up at city hall will be expected to have a unique vision for the future of T-town.

"No, I'm not running for mayor," said Ross Ledbetter. He isn't on the ballot, but he is one of countless Tulsans who have interesting ideas on how to make the city better.

"I always look for something simple," he said.

His concept? Have you noticed those areas that get easily overgrown?

"I'd probably look at all the corners that are in this city that had to be mowed, that are owned by the city, and then to increase revenue I'd probably put out to bid all the local land crews or landscape crews that do that and let them bid on that corner to promote that corner," he said.

Also, not running for the big job...

"You know, if I was mayor..." said Mary Beth Babcock, purveyor of all things cool at Dwelling spaces and caretaker of 14 year-old Molly the Dachshund.

"I think that Bells amusement park should come back to downtown Tulsa," she said.

Just think of the economic boost, she says, and she's got just the right spot.

"In the Blue Dome district, you know over across from Dilly Deli and Joe Momma's pizza, there's that whole, I'm not sure what's planned to go there but I think Bell's would be perfect," she said. 

Folks might drive here from miles away, which brings us to Tim Williams.

"One of the first things we need to do is try and get easier access to the city of Tulsa, we are turnpike locked," he said.

"Now you can go on I-75 to Kansas, but then you go to Coffeyville, big deal. And you can go down to Henryetta but you've got to take a turnpike if you go to Texas. Coming from OKC you've got to take a turnpike, if you're coming from Arkansas you've got to take a turnpike. OKC doesn't have that, Enid doesn't have that, Bartlesville doesn't have it, Lawton doesn't have it. How come we're the ones who have all the turnpikes coming in? Do you really think that's fair?" he asked.

Three great ideas from Tulsans hoping to, oh wait, four, we forgot to ask what Molly would do as mayor.

"Dog parks, plenty of dog parks around," said Mary Beth.

Molly would also, apparently, keep the liberal media on a tight leash, showing her disdain by passing gas on yours truly.

"Oh no!" laughed Mary Beth.

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