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Having A Fish Dinner Could Help Oklahoma's Fishing

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Fishing is immensely popular in Oklahoma and we're blessed some beautiful lakes.

But good fishing doesn't happen by accident.

Catching a few for a good dinner, could actually improve our fishing.

That's the recommendation for a state biologist who works to manage the resource.

A major tool for sampling a lake's fish population is electrofishing.

A charge is run through the water from a specially equipped boat.

That current stuns the fish, so they can be netted checked.

Fisheries Biologist, Chris Whisenhunt, says it's dangerous for their crew, but not for the fish.

"When we get those fish, we're looking at lengths and weights and different ratios. We're looking for how many fish we catch over a certain distance."

That helps them determine the numbers and the quality of the fish in a given lake.

Most of their work, focuses on the Black Bass species because they are the most popular with fishermen.

The idea is to get good numbers of healthy fish, that have plenty of food.

That insures fishermen the best chance, of catching quality fish.

With the information they collect, biologists can alter how much fishermen can harvest, to best suit the fishery.

So as a result, they want you to take some fish home for a meal.

"That's the design of regulations to have the anglers help us manage the lakes the way we want em to."

Whisenhunt says that harvesting fish according to the regulations, can actually make our fishing better in the long run.

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