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Getting Kids In Shape

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With kids at home for summer break, there's always the challenge of how to keep them busy.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of summer camps underway.

Including some that focus on sports and fitness.

This week at Tulsa, Fitness System, they're working to help get young people in shape, with an eye on the long run.     

Owner Clint Howard says this week's class is four days, for two hours a day.

It combines fitness, with games, education and nutrition.

Howard also says you can't train kids like adults, it has to be fun.

For example they use watermelons instead of medicine balls.

In a lot of ways the kids are working out, but they don't realize how much effort is involved.

He adds that they're trying to instill good values that will influences the kid's lives, well beyond this week.

Instructor Shawna Rocco says today's kids spend a lot of time inside, with video games, so getting them started at exercising in the heat can be a challenge.

So the focus on having fun and they take plenty of breaks to make sure on the kids have enough to drink.

Rocco says they don't want to burn them out, on day one.

The kids also decide the standards of behavior in the class, so if there's a problem, they're breaking their own rules.

April Trenary has several children in the class, while she works out with an adult group.

All her kids play soccer, but she wants them to have a good concept of fitness for long after they're done with that game.

She believes fitness is crucial for a good life.

Trenary says it's nice for the kids to win trophies for soccer.

But she thinks a real champion, is someone who's fit into their eighties and nineties and able to cross things off their bucket list.

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