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You Can Upgrade Your Outdoor Cooking

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The 4th of July is next week, so that means a lot of people will be cooking and grilling outdoors.

Whether it's a campfire at the lake or grilling in a park, there will be a lot of smoke in the air.

So, we talked with Chef and Author Charlie Palmer, about upgrading our campsite cooking.

He says a little thought and planning can upgrade your meals and the overall experience.

For starters, check the wind, so you don't have smoke blowing into your tent for the next 6 hours.

Then get a nice 2 or 3 inch bed of coals, before cooking.

You should also be able to raise and lower you grill surface as needed.

Palmer also suggests having a plan in place, in case that fire gets out of hand.

He says one elegant way to have a great outdoor meal, is to make a big pot of stew in a dutch over.

He likes a nice chick pea stew, that starts with tomato, red pepper and sausage.

Then he cooks his breakfast eggs, by poaching them in the stew.

One pot dishes are simple and they make it easy to clean up at the park.

Palmer warns that planning is very important if you are a long way from home or a store.

His new "Remington Camp Cooking" is a book about common sense that applies to those situations.

For example you can dice up veggies and put them in a plastic bag.

Then you bring you food in your cooler and assemble it, rather than starting from scratch at the lake.

You can even do a desert on the fire.

Palmer marinates pineapple ahead of time, with rum and brown sugar and then cooks it the next day.

He says you caramelize it on the outside and then serve it with ice cream or pound cake.

It can be topped with whipped cream or sour cream for a great outdoor treat.

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