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City Workers Accused of Working a Second Job on Tulsa Time

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Five city workers may face criminal charges after being fired for cheating the system.  The group is accused of working a part time job on city time.

The men were hired to check out and identify water and sewer lines before contractors would dig underground. Instead of dong that job, investigators say the men would park their city trucks in different spot and take off in personal cars to go set up stages for performances downtown. That was their hookup, double time, on the city's time.

An anonymous tip started the investigation. From January to March, the crew of five cheated the system five to ten times.

We uncovered city workers taking long lunch breaks and amusing themselves instead of picking up trash back in 2004. So this is not the first time the city has dealt with an issue like this.

Now the city will add another supervisor to keep an eye on workers. Workers will now have to keep a daily log--and now it seems everyone has to pay for what a few actually did.

"There's 75 guys here in this group. And they've left a big hole and now everybody's looking at what are we doing with every inspector, surveyor, how are we tracking these guys to know they are doing their job," said Paul Zachary, City of Tulsa.

There are a lot of city workers that have second jobs and now human resources reps will talk to them about how those second jobs should be handled.

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