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FBI Makes 150 Arrests in Child Sex Trafficking Cases


Lynchburg, VA - Officials from the FBI are saying 150 men and women have been arrested in connection to child sex slave rings. More than 100 children were rescued. The arrest raids took place in more than 70 cities, nationwide.

The FBI is saying no arrests were made here in Virginia, but local officials from organizations that work to prevent child abuse saying this is still a problem in every part of the country.

It's called Operation Cross Country; the FBI's campaign to crush child sex slavery. Nationwide round up arrests this week 150 men and women behind bars.

The raids too place in 76 cities from coast to coast. Larger cities like San Francisco and Detroit, saw more arrests than others. The FBI is reporting more than 100 children, almost all girls, were rescued, the youngest was 13 years old.

"Those children get pulled into that life and get taken advantage of in ways that unfortunately you would never hope a child would have to address" said Bob Dendy, the President of Presbyterian Homes & Family Services and the Family Alliance.

FBI officials are reporting no arrests were made in Virginia. But Dendy says child abuse is still an overwhelming problem in nearly every part of the country.

"Eventually that emotional trauma has to find its way out" he said.

Presbyterian Homes has a child abuse prevention program. While most of their work aims to stop abuse before it happens, sadly some, winds up being treatment, afterwards.

"It can come up in making it very difficult to have any close relationships, it can make it very difficult for them in socialization, it can impact them in the classroom" said Dendy.

Dendy says so much help and healing a requirement now for all these children rescued from sex slavery.

"It brings home the importance of being there for your child, knowing where they are at every minute, ensuring their safety, that's our number one job as parents and as a community" he said.

While a problem everywhere, according to state wide statistics, in 2011, Virginia had the 3rd lowest child abuse rate in the country.

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