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Turn Tulsa Pink Clears the Air

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She's taken the name literally. Turning Tulsa Pink with a police car, an ambulance, a city bus, even a dog named Mavis. And with herself decked out in a pink wig and tutu, Judi Grove is normally the most cheerful fundraiser in T-town. Normally.

"This is just a big foul up," she said.

The dynamo has had the wind knocked out of her sails after recent reports about a problem with the IRS have been, shall we say, critical.

"It was an attack on my character, and if you don't have your character you don't have anything," she said.

Last month she learned that the IRS had revoked their non profit status for failure to file the necessary forms. Paper work which she thought a volunteer had been doing.

"She moved in 2010 but not out of the state so I sort of figured she was still doing it, it was failure to communicate between the two of us that she had stopped doing it," she said.

Since then, she says, they've sent in everything they were supposed to and are awaiting IRS reinstatement, while at the same time assuring the public that the organization is above board.

"You know, nobody takes a salary with Turn Tulsa Pink," she said.

Of the $200,000 they've raised over the past few years, the vast majority has gone to charities, scholarships and other ways to help cancer patients and their families. The rest?

"We use 5 to 6% of the money that comes in for printing, for putting gas in my pink mobile, because that's all I do is Turn Tulsa Pink business driving around, and that's pretty much it," she said.

Clearing the air and facing the music, Judi Grove refuses to look for a scapegoat, although if she really wanted to...

"True or false, Mavis ate the forms?," asked News Channel 8. "I love you," smiled Grove.

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