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New Fingerprint Technology at Appomattox County Schools


Appomattox, VA -  Appomattox County High School leaders say their school is the first and only school in the state to have a fingerprint scanning system.

Students' attendance has been tracked with the swiping of a card. Students said that got tricky to keep up with and they sometimes had to pay fines for lost cards. Now they can get into school with something a lot harder to lose-- their finger.

The new fingerprint technology has been at Appomattox County High School for about a month now. The main purpose is security.

 "It's excellent for keeping track of our students cause when we first initiated, it was all about security- and these days you wanna be able to keep track of your kids, even more than ever before- and that's what swipe is good for," said  Daniel Richardson who implemented the system.

If they wanted to use it this way-- the software could track students from class to class.

The school said it's cutting down on absences and class cutting, and it's very helpful for teachers.

"It does save a lot of time on the teacher's end because then we just look at it on the computer end of it, since it's an Internet based system," said math teacher Brittany McLean.

The school said  there is a handy option for parents. Parents can subscribe to updates via email or text and be notified when their child arrives at school. They can also choose to be notified if their child is late or cuts class.

This new technology is also used at school dances and football games, so it's much easier to keep up with what the kids are doing. 

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