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Wet Day Makes for Messy Commute in Roanoke


Roanoke, VA - The Roanoke Valley has been dealing with the rain -- not ice -- all day. And that kept most school districts on time and in class going into the Thanksgiving holiday.

Around noon, the rain really started picking up.

That was right around the time the National Weather Service started issuing flood and wind warnings.

Water in Roanoke began to pool on the roads as the projected 3 inches of rain started falling. Of course with or without freezing temperatures, water on the roadway is a hazzard. So you need to take caution.

For others out driving getting into Roanoke wasn't the problem-- it's getting home that has people worried.

"We decided to risk it and head over the mountain with some bald tires. It turned out ok. We're doing alright. So hopefully we will make it back over the mountain and it won't get cold enough to freeze," said Justin Mason.

Temperatures in the valley should stay out of the danger area which includes up in the higher altitudes until tomorrow morning.

That's when the cold air comes in likely bringing 1-3 inches to the New River and Roanoke Valley's by midday.

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