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December's Wild Weather, Proves Problematic For One Christmas Tradition


Lynchburg, VA - December has had some wild weather. From the seventies to the teens we've seen it all in Virginia, and it's taking a toll on a holiday favorite.

Dusk in December, means looking for that all important Christmas time tradition, the tree.

It's a hunt made harder this year, by weird weather. Some folks held off on their purchase because last week, was too hot.

"If it's 73, it just doesn't seem like Christmas that way" said one man.

"The issues he's run into this year are the mud and the rain" said Chris Smith.

Smith has sold trees on a Lynchburg lot for almost a decade. He says the wild weather we've had this year has its pros and cons. Plenty of precipitation in the form of rain keeps the trees healthy. But ice and snow can make branches brittle and easier to break.

"It makes it harder to get on and off the lot, harder to walk around muddy, messy, you know it makes the tree very heavy" said Smith.

Less than two weeks in, December has been a weather whirlwind. December 6th, temperatures reached 73 degrees, the first, they plummeted into the teens.

Not to mention freezing rain, snow, and ice have all made an appearance.

"For this time of month, you get more of those swings and fluctuations in the temperatures" said Lyndsay Tapases, an ABC 13 Meteorologist.

Tapases says though these swings in weather aren't uncommon. December is a transition month; the muddy middle of fall and winter.

"I think it's once we get after the first of the year, more into the heart of winter, January, February, look for it to be more consistently cold" she said.

All that wacky weather from the freezing rain to snow and ice, has not hurt Christmas tree sales, they're up from 2012.

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