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Fitness Experts Give Tips for Shedding Extra Pounds After the Holidays


Danville, VA - Most of us splurged during our holiday meals - indulging more than we should in desserts and holiday goodies. Now folks are trying to find ways to work off those extra pounds. 

Danville's newest fitness hub has seen steady traffic since opening its doors in September.

Planet Fitness offers membership for as low as 10 dollars a month, and they expect to see even more people signing up after the New Year.

"Everybody splurged for the holidays, including myself, so it's a great time to get back in that routine and get off the couch, " said staff member Terri Davis.

Some may think that's easier said than done, but local fitness instructor David Gluhareff says it's all about taking that first step.

Gluhareff has almost 18 years of experience offering personal training and nutritional guidance on the Southside. Post-holiday prep work with his clients usually begins before the big feast.

"My biggest workout days are Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, so a lot of my clients are getting ready for those meals so we're being proactive, " Gluhareff said. 

He says a few personal training sessions can be very beneficial for those trying to get back into the swing of things.

"You're going to practice good form when you're with a trainer, you're going to have somebody that's going to hold you accountable, " Gluhareff said.

He says don't be afraid to splurge every now and then, and keep your fitness routine light-hearted in order to stick with it longer than a few months.

"You want it to be a fun, long term lifestyle change and something that you can be consistent and persistent about. The sooner you can get it together and get back on track, the faster you will see results, " he said. 

Gluhareff gives personal training and boot camp classes throughout the week in Danville. At Planet Fitness training sessions are included in the price of membership.

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