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Lynchburg Woman on a Mission to Keep Dogs Warm


Lynchburg, VA - One woman in Lynchburg is on a mission, personally roaming the city to help keep dogs warm during the cold.

Erin Ferrell handed out more than thirty blankets to dogs living outside Monday night, and she's still braving the single digit readings Tuesday.

Ferrell is an animal lover. She took donations from friends and family, as well as buying a few blankets herself.

As of noon Tuesday, Ferrell says she's almost lost count of how many total blankets she has given to dogs. She estimates the number is nearing 100.

An ABC 13 crew met up with Ferrell Monday night as she made her rounds.

"The list is endless, I can only go so far. You'd think I'd have blankets on standby but it just doesn't happen that way, and it doesn't help that the blankets don't last forever, they only last for as long as the weather is nice," Ferrell said.

When reached by phone Tuesday, Ferrell was busy still going strong. You could hear dogs barking in the background as she greeted other cold dogs and gave them blankets, too.

Ferrell says she's not finished yet. She's also helping out with straw and cedar bedding.

"As long as supplies are available, I'll keep going," Ferrell said.

Ferrell says she's not judging the dog's owners, she's simply here to help.

Ferrell's two children Hayden, 6, and Julia, 4, are also helping.

If you would like to donate blankets or bedding to Ferrell, or if you would like to help her out in any way, you may e-mail her at

You can also find her on Facebook at 

Just send her a message.

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