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Temperatures Drop Too Low for Some Construction Crews


Lynchburg, VA - While some construction crews were out braving the cold Tuesday, Liberty University told most of its workers to stay home.

Kelly Alderman, the Senior Superintendent for the new library, says they've never dealt with temperatures this cold or wind chills this low. He says in this kind of weather he only likes his crews to be out for 20 or 30 minutes at a time. That's why they made the decision to keep most of their workers off the job until it warms up.

"Most of the work we have going on out here are equipment operators working in enclosed cabs. We've pretty much shut down the rest of the exterior work for the day. We should get right back on it tomorrow when the temperatures get up in the 20s," said Alderman.

Alderman says they've never shut work down just because of the cold before. But, he says they're treating it like a rain day, so they'll make up the work and get back on track this weekend.

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