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Extreme Cold Hurts Cars, Helps Towing Businesses


Lynchburg, VA - The freezing temperatures are really taking a toll on many vehicles. While frustrating to most of us, it's a great day of business for tow companies.

Drivers with Glenn A. Trent Towing and Recovery didn't get a moment's rest Tuesday. The phones didn't stop ringing so trucks couldn't stop towing.

When the air starts freezing, business starts booming for tow companies.

"Non-stop. Non-stop," said Vice President Jane Rigney-Trent.

"It's pretty much been non-stop today, I don't think I'm even going to have lunch," said driver Kevin Rose.

The cold air is doing a number on vehicles around the city. That means Glenn A. Trent's number is pretty popular.

"We've had multiple calls, whether it be accidents or cars just frozen, jumpstarts," said Rigney-Trent.

"Some days it's one after the other but today it's two and three at one time, and as soon as you get done with them, you get another couple calls to go do," said Rose.

Towing vehicles in the brutal cold is no breeze. Before getting started Tuesday morning, driver Kevin Rose had to unfreeze his truck's hydraulic system.

When asked how often that happens, Rose answered, "Ah, not ever really. I guess today is just special."

In anticipation of this "special" day, Vice President Jane Rigney-Trent made sure her drivers were prepared.

"I actually started out last night like a mother calling them, telling them how to layer their clothing and bring extra socks and gloves," Rigney-Trent said.

Even though drivers like Rose bundled up in two pairs of pants, four shirts, a hoodie and a jacket, their layers were no match for such a battery-draining day.

"Yeah, it's cold," said Rose.

Rigney-Trent says she's glad so many schools called off class Tuesday because that meant less vehicles on the road, and less of a possibility their towing services would be needed. But, she adds this is their busiest time of the year, and they're ready to go when they're called.

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