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Hargrave Military Academy Preparing to Perform at Governor's Inaugural Parade


Chatham, VA - In just two days, Virginia will have a new governor. One Southside school has been invited to attend Terry McAuliffe's inauguration.

After getting the invite, Hargrave Military Academy's marching band quickly accepted the chance to perform.

This is a first for the band, so they're taking this opportunity very seriously.

Band members said they want to make the community and the new Governor proud.

The Hargrave Military Academy marching band and highlanders usually pick up their instruments for group practice three times a week.

Just before they left for Christmas break, all of that changed.

"It's more than tripled," said Hargrave Military Academy Band Director Wes Robertson.

"Our cadets have been working really hard, the band and the core cadets in general. The governor's inaugural committee reached out to some of our supporters and asked them about it and of course this is a great opportunity to recognize our cadets and of course we said ‘yes'," said Hargrave Military Academy President Don Broome.

The band is practicing twice a day, marching around their school grounds and imagining they're right there at Capitol Square in Richmond.

"I'm pretty excited for this event. I would say it's a milestone in my life," said Hargrave Military Academy Band Member Daniel Su.

With the honor of getting to participate in the parade comes a lot of sacrifice.

"I've got four more exams left. I have to take time out of studying to prepare for this parade," Su said.

For most, this will be the biggest crowd they've ever played for.

With all the extra preparation, however, the cadets say they've shaken off the nerves.

Now they're ready to make their school, community and the new Governor proud.

"I've played in some pretty big concerts, but nothing like this. This is a great honor," Ben Dorfman said.

"Just trusting God that we'll do great," said Martin Spalding.

"I'm excited. The boys always perform well in front of a crowd. They always stand up taller and play extremely well, so I'm excited because I know good things are going to happen," Robertson said.

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