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Net Neutrality Rules Struck Down


Washington D.C. - A U.S. Appeals Court has thrown out "net neutrality" , the rules that have forced broadband providers to treat internet content from different sources the same.

That means no favoring one company or product over another.

The rules, long touted by the Obama administration and put into effect in 2010, were designed to ensure everyone has the same ability to receive quality broadband service.

Tuesday, a three judge panel in Washington D.C. struck down "net neutrality", which has kept prices for services like Netflix low and YouTube free, as examples.

Proponents of the reversal want to see users of higher bandwidth material pay a comparable fee; the more bandwidth and quality the more you would pay.

If this ruling sticks, the big fear is that the internet will move to a tiered system , where entities that have money will get quality service leaving those without competing funds with much slower and less reliable service.

"You're not going to wake up tomorrow and get a larger bill for your cable or anything else. It's really those long term relationships that as we go forward how does it impact the users over a year, two years... five years down the road," said B. Bagby who leads up Educational Technology Services for Virginia Western Community College in Roanoke.

At this point the ruling means providers can now start looking at ways to adjust their pricing arrangements based on bandwidth.

The FCC has a right to appeal and indicated in a statement they may do just that.


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