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Success For One Man Helped During Cold Snap


Lynchburg, VA -  An update on a topic we covered heavily this month. Homelessness in Lynchburg during the recent cold weather. You may remember, we covered several stories on the Blue Ridge Community Church who opened their doors to help folks out.

Ricky Jordan was homeless at the time of the cold snap a few weeks ago. Since then, he is staying with a family he met at the church, and now has a job downtown at Robin Alexander Bistro.

For Ricky Jordan, a stay at Blue Ridge Community Church was just what he needed. It led to a job at RA Bistro, the first step to get him back on his feet.

"I'm glad I went there simply because it helped me lift myself up, because I was you know, everybody goes down sometimes but it lifted me up to the point to where I could be, you know what I'm saying, productive," said Jordan.

Alex Richardson, a member of Blue Ridge Community Church and owner of RA Bistro says Ricky stood out to him the night elderly people came over to the church from Bentley Commons.

"Ricky was one of the first people that stepped out and served them, so it wasn't like him being served by the people of Blue Ridge, he stepped out and was a part of that, so that was really cool and interesting,"  said Richardson.

He stepped in along with others from the church to help Ricky.

"Being in downtown Lynchburg, we don't take that for granted. So that's one of the things where we wanna be part of the solution in terms of how we employ people and creating a culture in which they can grow and move forward," said Richarson.        

The job is a solution for Ricky, and he is excited to begin this new path in life.

"This job here gave me two legs to stand on my own, you know, at first I  was like I say, I was homeless and stuff like that, but now he's given me the opportunity to be productive for my own life," said Jordan.

"He's doing a great job," said Richardson.

And Ricky does not plan to leave anytime soon.

"I love it and I don't know how he's gonna get me out of here, cause I'm gonna stay here until it closes whenever it closes," said Jordan.

Richardson says many people from his church are now helping homeless people in the community better their lives. He says he hopes many of them will have a success story like Ricky's.


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