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Halifax Co. Woman Says Thieves Stole Sentimental Flags From Husband's Grave


Halifax Co., VA - Linda King stops by Halifax Memorial Garden once a week to honor her late husband. He lost his battle with lung cancer six years ago.

"He really suffered a terrible death, " said King.

The couple had a dachshund named Gretta for 17 years that they loved dearly, before she too passed away. So, King got the idea to leave dachshund flags at her husband's grave, to reunite him with their beloved pet.

"She just meant the world to both of us, and I knew that it would mean so much to him, " King said.

When the flags started disappearing, King thought it could've been the wind, but after securing the flags tightly and seeing that all the other flags had not moved, she knew someone was taking them.

"It was a pleasure to arrive and see the flag flying, but someone took that away from me and I'm praying for that person," King said.

King reported the incident to police. They say cemetery thefts are not something they see often, but they leave a lasting effect on visiting families.

"The victims typical wonder why it was their grave that was picked, and not a lot of times do we have an answer for that. It's just an item that someone saw that they decided to take, " said Lt. Dennis Barker with the South Boston Police Dept.

Police are patrolling the cemetery more heavily now, especially at night. As King tries to get past the thefts, she hopes the senseless acts will stop.

"I just cannot understand why somebody would bother his grave. Why don't they just let him rest in peace, " King said.

King has lost four flags at $25 dollars a piece. 

Due to the possibility of theft, weather and accidental damage, Barker says you should never leave anything valuable at a grave.


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