Update: Suspects Sought In Danville Home Invasion



Danville, VA - Anita Spencer is having the side door of her home sealed for good, but it will always be a reminder of one of the scariest nights of her life.

"Here comes this man with a gun in my face and tells me to get on the floor, " Spencer said. 

Around 9:30 pm on Thursday, three men burst through the door and held Spencer at gunpoint while her grandson hid.

She offered them jewelry, but they wanted something else.

Police say these kind of criminals are usually looking for drugs, guns and money.

"They're not normally going to do that to take a television or take the kind of jewelry or valuables that the average resident will have, " said Cpt. Dennis Haley with the Danville Police Dept. 

Spencer says, in that case, they had the wrong house.

"I got no guns, I got no money. I work, my fiancee works. We're just like everybody else, living paycheck to paycheck trying to make it, " said Spencer.

The men took off with a cell phone and car keys. The homeowner is glad that she wasn't harmed, but now she worries about how the incident will affect her grandson.

"He's very, very leery of people period and now with this stigma he is really going to be timid, " Spencer said.

Police say this investigation is ongoing. Spencer just hopes they can put a stop to these crimes before it happens to someone else.

"This seems to be an epidemic in Danville. Not just here, but everywhere. I'd like something to happen to get these people to get a new life, a new way of thinking. It's just so confusing, " she said. 

 Spencer did not get a look at the men's faces since they were wearing masks, but says one of them had dreadlocks. If you have any information, call the Danville Police Department.


Danville, VA - Danville Police responded a home invasion on Vance Street on Thursday.  A 54 year old Danville woman told police that three masked men forced open the side entrance to her home and demanded she show them where the valuables were. Her 11 year old grandson was home with her.

The armed suspects took several items from the home and left without harming the residents.

According to police, the suspects were described as black males in their late teens to early twenties. One suspect was described as having dreadlocks carrying a pale green backpack, gray and black clothing, and red and black Jordan shoes.

The police investigation is ongoing.

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