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Fire In Nelson County Displaces Four


Roseland, VA - A Nelson County family believes an electric heater they left on to prevent their pipes from freezing may have caused their home to catch fire this morning. The family decided to stay with relatives last night and say they left the heater on the back porch.

Someone called 911 about 8:15 this morning, reporting the fire. As crews rushed to the scene, a neighbor called the family to tell them the terrible news about the home they had left behind.

 Only a few Christmas decorations survived at the home, signs of hope for the lives forever changed.

"Before I could get here it was already engulfed," said Timmy Brown who lived at the home with his wife and two daughters on Patrick Henry Highway.

The family went to visit their cousins Thursday, and stayed the night.

"Thank God we wasn't here," said Brown.

Friday morning Brown's neighbor saw smoke billowing from the house.

 "They tried to ah, get in and it was already so smoky that they couldn't even get in there to see if my wife and kids was even in there," said Brown.

Frantically, the neighbor called Brown.

"He was ecstatic- and I was like, 'Whoa, what is going on?" and he said "Have you got your wife and kids?" and I said, 'Yeah, I got them with me." he said, "Well, your house is on fire brother," said Brown.

Brown rushed to the home-- hoping to be able to save his two dogs he knew were in the house. Unfortunately, he couldn't get them out.

"To get to my dogs, the house is on fire, you ain't saving it, you know, I just wanted to get to my dogs," said Brown.

Brown says he had left an electric heater running on the back porch and that's where the fire started.  It spread very quickly.

"You don't ever think it'll happen to you, but then all the sudden- bam- reality check- it could happen to all of us," said Brown.

The Browns say they do have family in the area they plan to stay with, and their plan now is to start from scratch to replace everything they lost. If you would like to help the family will have a donation spot set up at Max's Market in Roseland.

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