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Family Seeks Justice After Hit And Run


Roanoke Co., VA - It's been more than a month now, and Roanoke County Police have still not found the person responsible for hitting a man as he walked home from work.

An accident the victim says... was no accident and his family wants justice.

The incident happened in the late afternoon on December 11 along a stretch of Yellow Mountain Road known for dangerous curves. However,  the victim insists he was intentionally hit in a case of road rage.

The press release sent out last month describing the hit and run of 33 year old Derek Agnor didn't go into much detail.

Describing his injuries as "non life threatening"... doesn't mean the injuries aren't life changing.

"My knee cap is cracked in two different places. The top part of my tibia is shattered. The bottom part of my tibia is shattered," said Angor.

As depression sets in, Agnor has difficulty talking about his situation.

His life changed forever as he walked home from work and, he says, was nearly hit by a black and white two-tone hatchback.

Police now say they believe is an older model Ford Focus.

Agnor says he shouted for the car to slow down; something corroborated by a witness.

Then he says the car circled back two more times.

"I tried to dodge. He actually veered into me and that's when I laid on the ground in shock and started screaming," said Angor.

The accident has left him unable to work indefinitely - as the bills mount - with no insurance and, so far, no financial break coming from the hospital.

Agnor's stepfather, disabled himself, helps the best he can.

"He didn't deserve all this. He really didn't and they need to catch the perpetrator, whoever done this, before they do it to somebody else," said Walter Henley.

"This person does not need to be on the road period. He needs to be behind bars is where he needs to be," he added.

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