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Southside Schools See More Snow Days After Tuesday's Winter Storm


Pittsylvania Co., VA - Special education teacher Jeanna Dillon has a responsibility that most teachers dread on a day like Tuesday: bus duty.

"It's cold! It's very cold, '" Dillon said, but she took it in stride as she escorted students at Kentuck Elementary School to their buses for an early dismissal.

She says this harsh winter has given Pittsylvania County students a lot more snow days than usual, which makes it harder to keep them caught up.

"This has been the most we've missed in probably 2 or 3 years, but I know our teachers are sending work home with them to study at home on the days that we are missing, " Dillon said.

In past snow days, parents have commented on Facebook about having to take off work, but others said it's best that the schools err on the side of caution.

"I think most parents find a way for the kids to have somebody with them, " said Dillon. 

One of the most important jobs lies with the school bus drivers carrying precious cargo across hazardous roads. It's not a job they take lightly.

"It's a little bit scary, but if they sit down and we take our time, we can make it pretty good, " said school bus driver Irene Barrett.

Barrett has been a driver in Pittsylvania County for almost 30 years. She says, when the weather is bad, she takes extra precautions to make sure each child gets home safely.

"I've got 5 of my grandchildren on that school bus, so I treat them all like they're my grand kids, " said Barrett.

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