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"Expect Delays" : Fire and Police Responses Slowed By Snow


Lynchburg, VA - With several inches of snow forecasted to be on the ground by Wednesday night, police and fire crews have got to take it easy; their response times will inevitably be impacted.

But they do have a process to make sure it's all smooth sailing through the storm.

Before the first flake even falls, the preps are already well underway, "We're checking our 4-Wheel-Drive apparatus" said Ricky Bomar.

For Lynchburg fire fighters, like Battalion Chief, Ricky Bomar, there's never a snow day. First responders are the only life line.

"The increased amount of snow certainly affects us too. We're dealing with the same obstacles they are. We're dealing with blocked roads from vehicles, we're dealing with roadways that we can't get to from trees down, as well as the deep snow itself" said Bomar.

Crews were busy laying out chains for trucks, Tuesday. Each vehicle will get a set of chains to help them climb the hills of the Hill City.

And as for fire crews' response time, "We are coming, absolutely, in their time of need, but we certainly have the obstacles they have to deal with in order to get there too" said Bomar.

"We will respond to accidents however you may have to wait a bit" said Lieutenant Ann Riley of the Lynchburg Police Department.

Riley said the same story goes for police. All new Ford Taurus LPD vehicles are all wheel drive. Older models though, like the department's Crown Victorias, will get snow chains.

Response times in the snow will likely be slowed. Officers are probably going to be driving in treacherous conditions.

"That's why we're pleading, please stay off the roads if you don't need to be on the roads" said Riley.

If you do have a situation during the storm that would warrant a response from fire fighters or police, they're asking you to be patient. Both fire and police departments will have full staff on hand Wednesday and Thursday to deal with a potential influx of calls.

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