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Madison Heights Barn Roof Collapses


Madison Heights, VA-  A Madison Heights man says his barn roof collapsed last night from the weight of all this snow.

Paul Calland told me that when he got home from picking his wife up from work last night he couldn't believe what he saw.  His 30 year old barn had a collapsed roof!

He says the barn had a sound structure-- and he believes it simply collapsed under the weight of the almost 15 inches of snow on top. Paul says he does have insurance for the barn.  He is not sure what will happen to it, but he thinks it is a total loss.  He is missing one thing under this rubble -- his son's childhood Jeep. He said he has kept it for years and it has lots of sentimental value. But he's just thankful the camper he normally stores in the barn and his animals-- were all out.

"And when we pulled into the driveway, right away you know our hearts jump into our throats- just shock. But at the same time we realize it was all good because nobody was in the barn. All of the animals were secure and it was alright and we'll get through it just like anything else," said Calland.

We spoke with Lynchburg Roofing and asked them if there's anything you can do to prevent something like that from happening to you. They say the best advice is to not let an active leak go on any structure. Leaks can cause the structure to weaken and makes the likelihood of a catastrophic collapse much greater. Right now they have NOT had many calls for collapses, but say the weight of this snow could definitely hurt the structure of any building. 


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