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Lynchburg Rental Group Closes, Tenants Left Without Money


Lynchburg, VA - Former tenants of The Rental Group in Lynchburg are furious with their previous rental company; one family says they are out more than $1,300.

The Rental Group closed their doors in January. They told tenants, to pay their rent to a new company. But when those tenants tried to get their money back, in particular, security deposits they were owed, they discovered all assets of the company were allegedly frozen.

The Rental Group is now involved in multiple civil suits, and their tenants, are out thousands of dollars.

A small sign, reading "Business is out of business," is all that's left outside The Rental Group's Office in Wyndhurst.

"It's very frustrating" said Libby Bundrick.

Bundrick leased from The Rental Group for three years. She's trying to move and needs her security deposit back (totaling more than $1,300) but she said with all the Rental Group's assets frozen, no one, not even her current rental company knows when she may get that money back.

"We have to move out and put a deposit down on a new place, so we can't afford to just wait around for assets to be unfrozen" said Bundrick.

And Bundrick's not alone. Just one look at the Rental Group's Facebook page, shows a group of angry renters. One woman wrote on the page, "Stay far away from this group. They withheld $3000 of our money from us."

The only notice that Bundrick received from the group before their closing, was a letter, telling tenants a new rental group would be receiving their rent. The letter reads in part: "The new management discovered discrepancies in the accounts. This situation has been brought to the attention of the appropriate authorities."

The letter is signed, by The Rental Group's Director of Owner Services. Court documents show he is named in other civil suits, still pending in court.

"We would like our money back. We've kept the place in a really good condition, so it's fair that we get our money back" said Bundrick.

WSET attempted to get ahold of The Rental Group, as well as their lawyers, and like Bundrick, had no luck. Officials from the Lynchburg Police Department said there is an open investigation into the rental group.

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