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Potholes Plague Streets Following Warm Weather


Lynchburg, VA - Drivers all cringe when they hit them; the craters dotting streets everywhere: Potholes. The big warm up that came this week revealed them all over.

They are almost synonymous with snow. Once it melts, you can almost guarantee you'll come across a road or two that looks a lot like the surface of the moon.

From freezing cold to spring like sixties roads have taken a beating. Potholes form when moisture seeks into cracks often formed by plows hitting pavement.

The moisture, often snow, freezes, expands, then thaws, allowing the pavement to crumble, and pop, right out.

"We don't want a pothole that's going to disrupt somebody's ability to drive" said Paula Jones, Lynchburg VDOT District Communication's Manager.

So, VDOT crews, when they're not plowing streets, they're patrolling for potholes.

"We make those temporary fixes. We want to get the best riding surface that we can, until we can come back and actually fix the larger area" said Jones.

In the Lynchburg VDOT district alone, crews fix hundreds every year, along 15,000 lane miles.

And good thing; experts say hitting a pothole, to your car, is like the force of a 35 mile per hour collision.

"If you're going to hit a pothole and you see it and you just slow down, you'll minimize that shock to the suspension" said Dan Laslie, owner of Laslie's Auto Body Shop.

Slowing down and gently driving over a pothole can save you hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars in damage to your car.

"Most people live in denial, so they'll hit the pothole, knock the front end out of alignment, and when the wheels start chattering, they'll bring it in. By that time, it's too late" said Laslie.

With warm temperatures out and winter weather back in next week, drivers can expect these things to be sticking around.

VDOT officials encourage you to let them know of any potholes plaguing your neighborhood.

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