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UPDATE: Roanoke Police Search For ABC Stores' Most Wanted


Roanoke, VA - ABC store thefts are up; so much so, that there is now a page of surveillance pictures that police hope you'll look at and help catch the suspects.

Roanoke City Police believe they are the first in Virginia to use ABC's top notched security system in a way that they hope will bring end to the trend by linking the evidence to Facebook.

Over the past year, 90 different times, Roanoke Police have been called to an ABC store to file a report on just a handful of those suspected of going on a liquor run without bothering to pay.

"We want to roll that number back. We want to see zero thefts form ABC stores because those costs are passed on, in all things that are stolen in some way, to other consumers," said Deputy Chief Tim Jones with the Roanoke City Police Department.

Deputy Jones noticed the trend and decided to try to figure out a way to combat the issue.

Knowing ABC stores have state of the art photography equipment, the decision to put this evidence online for all to see only made sense.

"Social media has, again, acted as the greatest force multiplier that we've seen in the last 20 years. More eyes on a suspect's photograph is more power for us to potentially resolve a theft," Jones said.

Social media is cost effective, too. There are no additional costs to make it all happen.

The approach is actually multi-faceted. It is a response to a growing trend, but Jones believes it will also act as an effective preventive measure, too.

"The prevention side is equally important. We just want to bring the awareness to our citizens; be aware if you go in and steal a bottle of alcohol your picture is going to be posted on this site. You might get away with it and you might night because there are a whole lot more citizens than there are police officers," Jones said.

The suspects shown in this story are just that and are innocent until proven guilty.

On the web page, there are photos of multiple suspects and police want you to take a good look at them to see if you recognize any of the individuals caught on surveillance cameras.

Also, Roanoke Police are hoping the web page will keep people from shoplifting in the first place.

 Click HERE to see the page.

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