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UPDATE: Charlotte County Pig Still Missing


UPDATE: Garcia the pig is still missing and his family is now offering a $1,000 reward for his safe return.

If you believe you've seen Garcia, you're asked to call Charlotte County Animal Control at (434) 542-5117 or the Griffith family at (434) 665-5246.


Charlotte Co., VA - A Phenix family has been scouring the countryside this week, trying to find one of their most prized possessions.

Garcia the pig ran away from home Monday morning, leaving his owners only one clue as to where he went. The Griffiths didn't even know Garcia had fled the farm until someone sent them a picture of him trotting down Route 727. Since then, they've been looking night and day for the pig they consider family.

Feeding time on the Griffith's farm just hasn't been the same the past couple of days. Not without their 500 pound boar, Garcia, who really is some pig.

"He's really friendly. If you scratch him he'll just fall over and everything. It's really funny," said Katie Griffith, Garcia's owner.

"He's just as gentle as a kitten. He likes to follow you around and be with people. He loves people. He doesn't understand that he's a giant, scary hog," said Mollie Griffith, Katie's mother.

The Gloucester Old Spot Pig was last spotted Monday morning around 8:30, headed toward Whites Chapel Road in Phenix. Mollie Griffith says he ran away because he was upset after a breeding session Sunday night.

"I don't know if he was looking for his lady friend or if he was just discombobulated from all the excitement," she said.

No matter the reason for the runaway, Garcia's family is worried about his well-being.

"He's gotten out once or twice before. But he's always come back within an hour. But once he didn't come back I was actually starting to get a little bit scared," said Katie.

The Griffiths aren't the only ones Garcia has left behind. Garcia has a wife named Opal, and piglets.

"He plays with his children when he has children and he takes good care of them," said Mollie.

"He'll play with them and just, you know, rub them around and stuff. And they all fall under and snuggle up close to him and sleep with him all day," said Katie.

With two worried families waiting on his safe return, the search for Garcia is nothing to snort about.

"I really love him and so does the rest of my family," said Katie.

The Griffiths say they have had several calls about possible sightings, but no real leads. If you believe you've seen Garcia, you're asked to call Charlotte County Animal Control at (434) 542-5117 or the Griffith family at (434) 665-5246.

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