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Martinsville Film Maker Creates Movie with Strong Anti-Bullying Message


Martinsville, VA - Nearly 30% of middle and high school students have experienced bullying; that is according to

One movie maker in Martinsville has made it his mission to see those numbers go down. Derek Young  premiered his movie on Saturday with a strong anti-bullying message.

The movie is call Psychotic State. Young describes it as a drama-thriller movie. It shows just how devastating the effects of constant bullying can be. Young said for him, the message hits close to home. 

Bullying is something that seems so prevalent with teens. One man in Martinsville knows all too well what it feels like.

"Middle school, somebody though it would be really funny just to tell the basketball team I was trying to mess with one of their girlfriend's. So the entire basketball team jumped me in the locker room," said Derek Young, Director of Psychotic State.

Young said the bullying continued throughout high school and it got so bad, he dropped out of school and got his GED .

"There's some people that have thick skin. People like me, I can take it and turn it around and use it for an artistic outlet," said Young. 

Which turned out to be a movie about a boy named David, who is being constantly bullied at school and at home. One day he decides to stand up for himself

"When he does, he goes overboard and kills the guy," said Young.

And everyone else who bullied him....

"I let everybody know through a PSA at the end of it that I don't condone that, it's just I'm trying to show you the real harshness of what happens because of bullying," said Young.

Most of the actors in the film said they've had similar experiences to Young, and want to drive home one message.

"You're causing someone to be so down upon themselves that they take their life or someone else's. That's a tragedy and it needs to stop," said George Richardson, an actor in the movie.

"If we can just get the message out there from this movie and show it to people being bullied or maybe we can change a bully's mind," said Wayne Goulden, also an actor in the movie.

Young's movie premiered at Hollywood Cinema this evening in Martinsville.

He said he is focusing on getting it shown at film festivals. Psychotic State will be screened at a horror movie convention next weekend in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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