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Jeb Burton Secures Ride for Martinsville


Martinsville - Truck Series driver Jeb Burton of Halifax announced Thursday he has secured a ride for race two of the season, the Kroger 250, at Martinsville Speedway.

               He'll drive the number 13 Toyota Tundra for ThorSport Racing.


Jeb Burton, #13 ThorSport Racing Toyota, said "For Mr. and Mrs. Thorson to call, yea it brought back my confidence and you know I felt like what I did last year got me the ride this year."


ThorSport Racing came to the rescue and hired Burton to race at Daytona just two weeks after his sponsor suddenly left the sport and his team shut down.

Burton said "It was the worst month of my life.  It was miserable.  I was down in the dumps, not knowing if my dream was going to be took away from me."

He's only 21 but Burton's got Martinsville figured out, finishing third in both the spring and fall races.

"What would a win here at Martinsville mean to you?"

Burton said "It'd be huge.  It would be the biggest win of my career.  It would blow the win I already have in trucks out the window for me."

Jeb even gave some pace car rides for a few daring souls.

Dennis Carter said "The only other time I've done a ride-along was actually with your uncle Jeff back in the 90's at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  He scared the heck out of me, we were doing 160, 170 down the straightaways.  You're gonna take it easy on me today, right?

Burton said "I think so.  We'll see what the Toyota Camry has got."

I saw that wink!  And while Martinsville is the shortest track on the circuit, you can still go fast, yes you can!

Dennis said "Jeb, that was one wild ride.  Thank you so much, I appreciate it. "

Burton said "You sure you don't want to go again?"

Dennis said "No, I'm good, thanks, I appreciate it, it was a real good ride."

"You sure?"

Dennis said "No I'm OK, I'm good, see 'ya."

Burton finished seventh in the season-opening Daytona race.

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